sport Lifestyle Podcast

The Sport Lifestyle Podcast was born out of frequent conversations between three industry colleagues about what’s happening in the sports & fitness and athletic & outdoor industries. The relentless banter about products and equipment, innovation and pop culture, was being lost to the void, and it needed an audience.

The insights shared are unique to the hosts’ respective backgrounds, experience and generational perspective.

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Mike Gugat

Host Mike Gugat (“Gügs”) is a Gen X’er, who straddles the line old and new, having held senior positions at brands like Mizuno and adidas. Mike now runs his own marketing strategy shop, the Gü-GAT Collective. His interest in podcasting stems from five years of living in Los Angeles where a five-mile drive can often take two hours. Podcasts kept him sane and tempered his road rage. He now makes his home in Washington, DC where he rides a bike to work. 

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tyrone Littman

Sound Engineer Tyrone Littman is a Washington, D.C. native whose love of the Redskins is matched only by his life-long passion for media production. After earning his BA in Mass Communication from North Carolina A&T State University, he returned to D.C. to pursue a career as a content creator, voice actor, and on-air personality. He currently works as a sound engineer at the 202 Creates Podcast Studio where he collaborates with local artists to produce and edit podcasts and videos, record voiceover, conduct interviews, and more.

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Neil schwArtz

Co-host Neil Schwartz (“the Grand Poobah”) is the Boomer with the experience to back up his rants, having led consumer insights for SportsOneSource for the last decade plus. Shattering stereotypes, he typically has more tech on his person than his two younger co-hosts combined. He lives on a golf course in Boca Raton, FL, where alligators regularly devour unsuspecting podcast listeners who take too long between shots.

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John peters

Co-host John Peters (“JP”) is the “don’t label me” Millennial, who heads up business development at the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. He lives in Washington, DC and enjoys listening to podcasts on his metro rides to and from work in Silver Spring, MD. JP pulls no punches with his opinions on products, retailers, and his good friend Neil Schwartz’s permanent Tommy Bahama uniform.