Ellen Richardson

Wanted desperately to become a veterinarian as a young girl. But when she was old enough to realize her job would involve life and death scenarios for cute puppies, she was forced to reconsider her future.

By the time she got to college, Ellen was determined to pursue a lucrative career path that required no math skills whatsoever. She eventually earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design, and Construction, receiving the program’s highest award for her senior thesis.

Today, Ellen ironically finds herself using math daily in her work, creating large and small scale branded and interpretive experiences for the built environment. Specializing in the planning, programming, and development of exhibit and interpretive graphic programs, donor recognition programs, and environmental graphics, she works with multidisciplinary creative and fabrication teams to bring complex stories and branded messaging to life. Her experience includes the creation of nationally-recognized museum experiences, including the new Museum of the American Revolution, the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum, and exhibits within the Washington Monument.

Favorite movie: The Fifth element

Starbucks order: Tall iced latte. No flavor.