Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 15 with Jeff Angus from PlaySight

On this episode, we speak with PLAYSIGHT Head of Marketing Jeff Angus. We also tackle Nike's decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of JUST DO IT. It took Colin Kaepernick to get the three of us to agree on something. 


Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 14 with Ellen Schmidt-Devlin

On this podcast, the guys speak with Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, the Co-Founder and Director of the Sports Product Management Program at the University of Oregon. Neil is given plenty of runway. JP’s most recent on-line purchase disappoints. Gügs just tries to land the plane. 

Ellen U of O.jpg

Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 13 with Marisa Gardini and David McTague

On this episode, the guys speak with Marisa Gardini and David McTague from ED, the Ellen DeGeneres lifestyle brand. JP expresses his desire to rock anything with a gorilla on it if it goes to support their safety and well being. Neil guesses wildly wrong as to what Marisa sports on her feet to get around Manhattan.  Gügs needs to get out more having just discovered Todd Snyder New York. 

marisa fw.jpg

Marisa Gardini's fabulous choice in Footwear

Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 12

On this episode, the guys speak with Greg Thomsen the head of adidas Outdoor at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver. JP hangs out at the new Nike shop on Melrose in Los Angeles. Neil gets on his soap box about golf the week before Tiger nearly won his first major in 10 years. Gügs gets lost in Jimmy Buffet country, lower Alabama.  

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Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 10

On this episode, the guys speak with outdoor industry legend Larry Harrison.  Larry is the Director of Brand Development at the Outdoor Retailer Show which starts Monday July 23rd in Denver. JP suggest Gügs could benefit from a smart mirror.  The Poobah reminds us that he's banned from Instagram. 

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Sport Lifestyle Podcast "special report"

Given the White House's recent announcement of new tariffs on nearly $200B in Chinese goods, we have special guest Bill Sells, the head of Government Relations for the Sports & Fitness Industry Association on the podcast to explain how the trade war might impact the sporting goods industry.  

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Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 9

On this episode, the guys speak with industry influencer David Knies. David is the Chief Growth Officer at Breakaway in Boston. Gügs sounds like he's in a fishbowl. JP declares that he'd pair adidas Yung1's with his Chubbies. And Neil finally gets his Allbirds.  Will Instagram be next?

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Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 8

On this episode, the guys speak with StockX CEO Josh Luber, learning much more than Dan Gilbert's favorite sneaker. Gügs relishes the time he has left in LA, while Neil is sticky in Boca and JP is soaked in DC. They also manage to cover Jay Z, Facebook, and Neil's appreciation of Beyonce's "All the single ladies."


Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 7

On this episode the guys speak with industry influencer Mark Sullivan from Formula 4 Media.  Neil takes ownership of a summer cold, compelling the non-Jew to volunteer sending him soup, which throws Neil's Jewish world upside down. Neil then gives Gügs a lesson in rhythmic counting.  

MS Head Shot.jpg

Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 6

JP’s love for the Rock exposes Neil as the Kardashian’s biggest fanboy. Gügs thinks he’s clever by suggesting ROI should stand for “return on Instagram.” The guys also discuss World Cup and soccer participation in the U.S. before speaking with labor expert and attorney Irwin Aronson. 


Irwin Aronson, Partner at the Law Firm of Willig, Williamson and Davidson

Sport Lifestyle podcast episode 5

JP and the "Grand" Poobah agree way too much this episode, yet find plenty of ways to get under one another's skin. Gügs had too many Sazeracs the last time he was in New Orleans to remember wheeling Neil around the French Quarter. The guys also take aim at Dick's Sporting Goods earnings, Canada Goose flying East to China, and Lululemon crushing Q1. They have a very timely conversation with international trade expert David Cohen from Sandler, Travis, & Rosenberg, P.A. in Washington, D.C. 

david cohen.jpg

David E. Cohen is a member of Sanders, Travis & Rosenberg P.A. in Washington, DC

Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 3

On this episode, the guys discuss sports betting, David Stern leading investment into Shot Tracker, and Vans momentum in the age of Dad shoes.  They also speak with industry influencer Mark Daniels, the former Head of U.S. Sports at adidas.  


Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 2

On this episode, the guys discuss Kohl's experiment with Amazon return Kiosk, banning tackle football at the youth level, Under Armour's shareholder meeting, and the loaded topic of guns. 


Sport Lifestyle Podcast episode 1

On this episode, the guys discuss the NBA drafting gamers, adidas and Footlocker closing stores, and Nike's recent woes in the executive suite. They also have a special guest with Tom Cove, the CEO of the Sports Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). 

tom cove one.jpg

Tom Cove, CEO of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association