Tim Aukshunas

Dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player like his early heroes Alexi Lalas and Cobi Jones, but when he reluctantly joined his high school running team at his mom’s “request”, a hidden talent for endurance was exposed and his soccer-star aspirations were sidelined. The unexpected shift served him well as a distance runner at UCSB and prepared him for a circuitous career path – beginning in sales at adidas, traveling the country, and eventually pivoting to a career in marketing that would allow him to flex his long-developed creative muscles.

Encouraged by Creative Director, Matt Lindauer, Tim embraced photography as the next – and most fulfilling – leg of his journey, capitalizing on his experience as a traveler, fused with a unique perspective on the crossroads of sales and marketing. The avid “Star Wars” fan channels “The Force” to create images that evoke a visceral sense of youthful wonder and endless possibility. And he credits his relentless passion and creative longevity to another idol, Lakers great Kobe Bryant, a true student of the game who out-practiced, out-hustled and, ultimately, out-played his competitors throughout his 20-year career.

Favorite candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Starbucks order: Venti iced coffee, no sweetener, splash of half-and-half